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What if we can't help?

Sometimes our lawyers are unable to provide you with legal advice.

This might be because:

  • Your legal matter does not fit within the areas of law that we practice or specialise in;
  • You are not currently eligible for our service;
  • There is a conflict of interest; or
  • Your matter is not a legal issue.

Whatever the reason, if we are unable to offer you legal advice, we will do our best to connect you to someone who can.

This website contains Plain English legal information which you may use to help resolve your legal issue yourself. We can also provide you with hard copy legal information brochures and resources.

We also maintain private lawyer referral lists for the Geelong, Colac and Warrnambool regions. These lists map out which local firms may offer first free consultations or support you to access Victoria Legal Aid funding.

The Law Institute of Victoria also hosts an online Legal Referral Service where you can search by geographic location or area of law.

Get in Touch to find out how we might be able to help you.

If you are unsure whether your matter requires a lawyer to help it is best to Get in Touch and we will do our best to assist you.


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The content on this site is information only and is not legal advice. If you need legal advice please contact us.