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Your Client’s Priorities

Majoram comes to speak to you very anxious. She speaks quickly, mentioning problems with her Visa, car loans, a Court Judgement and separating from her partner. While she is speaking to you she says, “This is overwhelming. I can deal with only one thing at a time.”

Ideally, all of Marjoram’s legal issues could be referred to the best legal service for each one, resolved as soon as possible, and her life improved. However Marjoram only has a small amount of time and energy to work on legal issues. So how do you decide which legal issues are critical and need to be dealt with straight away?

The first step in a situation like this is to understand your client’s own priorities. It is important you do this first, relying on your expertise and that of your client.

The legal issues you have identified may be critical or urgent in a way that you and your client can’t immediately see. In this Lesson we want to teach you some warning signs to look out for so you can identify which legal issues are urgent and you can then decide with your client if they need to prioritise any of those first.