Strategic Plan - Barwon Community Legal Service

Strategic Plan

Priority Communities

We commit to providing accessible and inclusive services to diverse groups within our community. We will actively work to identify and prioritise our most vulnerable in our region who face systemic discrimination or disadvantage, and are more likely to experience barriers to accessing legal help.

Our Impact

We strive to achieve the highest quality in all our work and focus on delivering targeted and meaningful outcomes to the people and community that we serve.

Our Objectives

  • Our work will be evidence based and capable of being measured to demonstrate impact.
  • To evaluate our programs and ensure our impact is measured and documented.

Our Services

Our work will contribute to greater justice equality at both an individual and community level. Our services will be informed by our clients’ needs and take a collaborative and client centred approach to strengthen the way we work and the value that we deliver to clients and community.

Our Objectives

  • To have an in depth understanding of legal need in our region
  • To deliver services that are accessible, inclusive and targeted to community and clients who are most in need
  • To provide an integrated and collaborative approach to casework, community legal education and non-legal support
  • For our clients to experience a holistic approach to how their needs are addressed, through enhanced service models and strengthened partnerships

Our Advocacy for Law Reform

Through partnerships, our work will contribute to addressing systemic causes of justice inequality and disadvantage for the communities we serve. We will work in partnership with others whose values and objectives align with ours.

Our Objectives

  • To increase awareness of and respond in strategic ways to access to justice issues for our community.
  • To strengthen and develop relationships with community organisations, other CLCs and stakeholders to enhance our capacity to contribute to law reform.

Our Work in Community

We will take a community development approach to our work, aiming to work with our most vulnerable communities to assist them to understand and enforce their legal rights and build the capacity of the community sector to better support their clients with legal problems, earlier. We will contribute to building the capacity of the community to prevent legal problems from occurring.

Our Objectives

  • To find and work with the most vulnerable communities to enable them understand and enforce their legal rights and know where to get help.
  • To build the capacity of community service providers to better understand and support their clients with legal problems and make high quality referrals to our service.
  • To work in new and innovative ways to address emerging areas of legal need.

Our People and Culture

We will foster a well-performing, diverse and inclusive workforce, able to deliver the best possible legal outcomes within available resources and circumstances. This means people we employ have opportunities for career growth and development, staff and volunteer well-being is prioritised, and that there is a culture of trust, with staff empowered to participate in developing new approaches to what we do.

Our Objectives

  • To better utilise capacity and expertise of our staff, students and volunteers.
  • Our people feel safe, respected and supported at work

Our Enablers

We will enhance our capability and foster an environment that uses progressive infrastructure, tools and resources to support our work and ultimately drive better outcomes.

Our Objectives

  • Our people have the resources they need to do their job efficiently and effectively.
  • To embrace new technologies to increase efficiency and sustainability.

Our Sustainability

Our work must deliver outcomes to the community that we serve in the most resource efficient and sustainable way possible. We will develop models that deliver financial sustainability over the long term. Our models of service delivery will be flexible and adaptable to meet changes in funding and create opportunities for growth.

Our Objectives

  • To adequately resource this strategic plan
  • To establish strong and influential relationships with funders and stakeholders
  • To proactively identify and respond to funding opportunities for programs and services that address unmet community need
  • To strengthen risk management planning

2020 – 2023 Strategic Plan

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