Quiz: Using secondary consultations and workers’ advice lines - Barwon Community Legal Service

Quiz: Using secondary consultations and workers’ advice lines

Case Study: Working Together – Marjoram’s Story

You are approached by Majoram for help – she doesn’t know where to turn next. She arrived in Australia three years ago on a Partnership Visa. She hadn’t been with her partner for long when she came here, and since being in Australia he has been very controlling and has become aggressive. Marjoram wants to leave the relationship, but she is worried about her Visa. She is renting a house with her partner and they are behind on rent. She also has many debts from loans she took out to buy a car for her partner as he had a poor credit rating. She has never even driven the car. She recently discovered that the loan company now had a Court order against her to repay $20,000 – and the Court order was made in Queensland! Marjoram is very anxious and confused about where to find help.

The quizzes are designed to get you thinking about real life application of the training. You are not expected to get all of the quiz questions correct.