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COVID-19 and the law

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The internet is full of material about COVID-19 (coronavirus), but finding the most accurate and current information is a challenge, especially when COVID-19 can impact many different legal areas. Learn more about where to find the best information specific to your legal needs.

Employment rights

COVID-19 may have affected your employment if it caused:

  • Termination of your employment
  • Reduction of your work hours
  • Stand down
  • Redundancy

Find out about your rights, how to access JobKeeper payments and other forms of Government support, as well as unfair dismissal advice.

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Victoria Legal Aid – COVID-19 employment law information

Housing and tenancy

The Victorian Government has introduced special emergency laws to protect renters during the coronavirus pandemic, for example, rent relief, a freeze on rent increases, banning evictions for falling behind in rent, relaxed break-lease rules, and a ban on blacklisting.

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Family law

COVID-19 has created additional complications for many separated families, especially those with parenting arrangements or Parenting Orders. It’s essential to understand how COVID-19 affects your obligations, and your children’s rights to spend time with both parents.

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Family violence

If the COVID-19 restrictions have put you and your children at increased risk of family violence, you need urgent access to information about what steps to take to protect your family.

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Fines and infringements

If you have received an infringement notice for breaching COVID-19 restrictions, your circumstances may cause difficulties in paying the fine. You should seek information and advice about what to do, and your legal rights.

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You may have lost your job because of coronavirus, or perhaps your employer reduced your work hours. Maybe you’re struggling to find work, or you need to understand more about Government payments and services. In all these circumstances, you will need information about how Centrelink can help you. 

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The content on this site is information only and is not legal advice. If you need legal advice please contact us.